What do I need to do automatically after having a beautiful nail? Do you know the maintenance knowledge of nail art? I don’t know if I don’t need to panic. Today, I introduce the maintenance tips of the manicurist’s private collection to ensure that your nails are well protected.

After doing the perfect nail, it is best not to touch any hard objects, such as nut shells, zippers, drawers, etc. Do not carry out the operation, in addition to avoiding contact with acidic fruits, such as lemon, citrus, to prevent damage to nails. s color.

If you have to do housework, please bring plastic gloves, wash the dishes with detergent or brush the pot to be careful to prevent the nails from being damaged by chemicals. After doing housework, it is best to apply a moisturizing hand cream to allow your fingers to be nourished by nutrition for 24 hours.